House Extensions Redcar

Rather than moving home, have you considered extending the property you have already?

We’re able to build single or two storey rear or side house extensions Redcar, delivering any additional living area you require without the expense and hassle of finding and moving to another home. Enlarging the kitchen and creating a dining-room has always been a popular reason for the construction of house extensions Redcar, but with a two storey extension you can now look to build extra bedrooms at the same time. This can drastically increase the value of your house if you do grow out of the space and choose to sell. We can take care of all aspects of the kitchen extension, from design and planning to project managing the build – providing you with an extension that meets your requirements.

We Provide the Full Service!

We provide you with the complete home extension service, building that ideal extra space and adding value to your house. We’ll work closely with you at every stage and we offer full architectural design, specification, planning and development work. All with the minimum disruption and at the best possible value for money

House Extensions Redcar - image shows a rear extension in progress
House Extensions Redcar - image shows a complete side extension

Lots of people put off extensions because they do not understand what the first stage is. Frequently asked questions tend to be:

  • Do I need planning permission?
  • Do I require an architect?
  • How long will the project take?
  • How much will it cost me?

Dandec Installations answer all of these questions on your behalf. We work tightly with companies which can apply for planning permission as your representative, get architects involved, complete building application work, supply you with a complete cost and project plan in writing and help you with all of your questions that of course you will want to know before you move forward with a contractor for house extensions Redcar.

Contact Dandec Installations

Whatever your needs, contact us for a reliable and expert extensions service. From a terraced home porch to almost a complete manor house wing extension, we cover every facet of house extensions Redcar and we can deliver any size to the highest quality specifications.